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1) – My beginnings in microcomputer (80s)

I started the computer all by myself as a big one with a Laser 200 to introduce me to basic. Then quickly, I made the acquisition of an Oric Atmos microcomputer, that's where the serious things really started with 6502 assembler learning. Beside programming, I discovered games like "The Manor of Dr Genius" or "The mystery of Kikekankoi" which will be true sources of inspiration. In 1986, I move to the Atari ST, which allowed me to start making more sophisticated games.

2) - From the arcade to the state of the art

I present my works (Demos, intro and games) in various companies and I am hired at Legend Software as developer ATARI ST. I stayed for 2 years during which I worked on several games like "The Doors of Time", "Rank Xerox", "1789 The French Revolution" or "Ninjanimal". In 1992, I meet Philippe Ulrich who gets me an interview with Remi Herbulot, I'm hired at Cryo Interactive and I will stay there a little more than 10 years !! I worked on the game "Megarace" in PC version and Mega CD (SEGA), then on "virus" for arcade terminal. I also developed my game engine that has been used in various game production adventures at Cryo, it will be used for the saga "Atlantis" on PC. The company closed in 2003 and I founded small development studio "Atlantis Interactive Entertainment" to finish "Atlantis Evolution" which will be published by Dreamcatcher (CRYO taker). I then develop the last Opus of the saga: "Secrets of Atlantis" which will be published by Nobilis. I closed Interactive in 2008.

3) - Profession "Video game designer": (from the 90s to today)

Collectionner of "old" 80/90 computers, I decided in 2014 to do some HomeBrew games. I decide also to self-published my games only in physical version and to offer packaging worthy of those of the time. The first of the name: "Athanor 1 - Awakening" comes out on Oric 1 / Atmos, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64. I am currently finishing "Athanor 2 - The Legend of the Birdmen" on Amstrad CPC, Atari ST and Amiga.