BIO Constantin Rioche

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1) – Anatomy of a computer

Soon after the arrival of my first computer, I asked myself this question: What does this central unit contain?
From there I discovered my attraction for maintenance and building of computers, in a way related to my first passion:

2) - An attraction for modding

At the same time as the discovery of my first PC games such as Fallout, Baldurs gates, and Warcraft, I began to question myself “how does it work?”. So I started to meet some modding communities in order to work on the modification of certain games, mainly Fallout and morrowind. For several years, I set myself the goal of turning Fallout 2 into a MMORPG thanks to the 'Fonline' engine.
Unfortunately the licensing conflicts terminated the project. And therefore, my decision has been to focus myself on the creation of my own games and universe.

3) - Towards new universes

The year after the end of my modding project, I started looking for a new engine for my new creations, that's where I discovered the makers.
After various researches, Rpg maker was the one that caught my attention the most.
Beyond my attraction for role plays, it allowed to make prototypes quickly, but also to be able to code, for anybody who wants more flexibility, it's perfect. After learning, exchanges with a growing community, I decided to start the creation of Crystalium, an ambitious Rpg.
It was time for me to deepen the programming languages ​​in order to have maximum flexibility in my project.

4) - The union is strength

My second project came after the idea of ​​working on a game requiring a development time shorter than Crystalium: Little voices in my head, a psychological horror game, inspired by the biggest survival horror, mainly Silent Hill and Project Zero.
During the development of the game, a web developer training popped up. It was a good opportunity to perfect my skills as a developer, the web is a must if I want to 'live' my games. I met Eric GACHONS there. We had the same vision of the current video game and he introduced me to the Leadersheep project which was for me a highlight.
The training of web developer was therefore, beyond the learning of new languages, a chance for me to integrate a project that is close to my heart and allowing me to bring my skills to Leadersheep.